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"Explore the dynamic world of 'Homes with Roufs,' where Premier Real Estate Services meets Top-Tier Soccer Coaching. With a stellar track record in both realms, Coach Roufs brings the same level of dedication, expertise, and passion to your real estate journey and soccer development. Discover the perfect home and unleash your soccer potential with us, where excellence is not just a goal; it's our standard."

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A city where the rhythm of the music world harmonizes with a diverse tapestry of living experiences. Whether you're drawn to the tranquility of rural life, the comfort of suburban neighborhoods, or the vibrancy of city living, Nashville has it all. Enjoy the serene beauty of rural landscapes, the family-friendly charm of suburban communities, or the hustle and bustle of downtown living.

Nashville is not only a cultural hub but also a sports enthusiast's paradise. Cheer for your favorite local professional soccer (NSC), football (Titans), and hockey (Predators) teams, and catch thrilling games played by the minor league baseball team (Sounds). With a vibrant mix of living options and a rich sports culture, Nashville truly offers the best of both worlds. Discover your Nashville, find your home with 'Homes with Roufs,' and experience the extraordinary blend of living and leisure that Music City has to offer.

Former Professional Player & Seasoned Coach

A Remarkable Journey from the Soccer Pitch to Personal Training Excellence. With a distinguished career spanning both soccer and coaching, Coach Roufs stands as a testament to unwavering dedication and passion. His journey, which began with a stellar playing career, including a still standing three-decade reign as the record-holder for most career goals and points at Azusa Pacific University, has evolved into a dynamic coaching venture that positions him as your ultimate choice for personal training, group training, and soccer coaching.


Alex Castro
Principal / Educator
"He will do his very best and will be committed to working with you through the entire process. His commitment to excellence is a valuable characteristic when getting the job done!"
Ryan Roberts
Former Professional MLB Player (Learn More)
"He is a knowledgeable and capable agent with a genuine soul that desires to do what’s right, no matter the cost….and he lives his life that way. He cares about his clients’ needs and there’s no doubt in my mind that anyone doing business with him will be pleased with the result."
Sara Davis
Executive Administrator
"I've known Jason for over a decade now. He is an integrous person who cares deeply for others. In a brutal market where everyone's mostly concerned about themselves, there's nothing more valuable than having someone on your side who you know is looking out for your best interest, and genuinely cares for you."
Joel Olson
Media Designer
"Jason is so easy to work with. His desire to do what's best for others is evident from the very first meeting. I could not recommend anyone more to handle your next home buying or selling transaction."

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